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"We're thrilled with the condition of all our dogs, the feed makes their coats gleam and the dogs love it."






Carole Hartley-Mair

Bernese Mountain Dogs

"After years of trying many different dog foods, we finally hit on Redwitch. We feed both the Lamb & the Salmon, and it suits all our dogs. Now we are in a win win situation thanks to Redwitch. It's good for their health, coats, fitness & energy. Great food at a great price."


Gerald Weaver

Australian Shepherds

"I cannot fault this food. My dogs are in such superb condition. The huge bonus is that it is sensibly priced for such a high quality food . Thanks Redwitch, my dogs love it."



Fiona Lambert

Bouvier Des Flandres

"Our Champion Portuguese Water Dogs, Norfolk and Norwich Terriers are all fed on the Redwitch range of food. We select the appropriate food for each dog and are delighted with their body and condition."


Cathy Thompson-Morgan

Portuguese Water Dogs

Norwich & Norfolk Terriers

"I changed to Redwitch two years ago with excellent results in both working and showing. I cannot fault the products, the results say it all for me, with 5 happy healthy dogs. Thank you Redwitch !"



Maggie Wilkinson

Alaskan Malamutes

"My Giants feel good on the inside and their condition is fantastic on the outside! The price of a bag is nearly 40% cheaper than the brand I used to feed! What more can a breeder / exhibitor ask for! "



Norma Rylance

Giant Schnauzers

"The best food for Frenchies and amazing to raise pups on!"







Darren Friend (Kingfriend)

French Bulldogs

"I can honestly say that my dogs are in peak condition since I changed to Redwitch food a few years ago and since then I have achieved much success. Value for money is exceptional and the quality speaks for itself. The dogs love it !"


Debbie Prout

Japanese Spitz &

Alaskan Malamutes

Carole Hartley-Mair Cathy Thompson-Morgan Norma Rylance Fiona Lambert





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